Apple Leather Care Products ​

The wax-free Apple products were especially formulated to gently clean, condition and preserve exotic leathers and skins. They are safe to use on light colored leather and an excellent leather care choice for your premium designer handbags.

I started looking for the best leather care product to preserve my collection of vintage exotic skin handbags in 1999. I needed the one that would provide the best long-lasting effect, with no gimmicks. I tried different products that dealers usually recommend as a quick fix, including mink oil, saddle soap, etc. But they did not work on exotic skins, and in some cases actually did some damage. Initially, Mink Oil made the skins look shiny and feel softer, but with years it oxidized and turned into white, greasy deposits clogging the scale grooves. Saddle soap left water stains on some skins and darkened others. Finally, after years of tests, I've found what really works to maintain my collection: the Apple Brand Leather Products. The line includes a wax-free conditioner and a cleaner designed for exotic skins and leathers (finished, naked and simulated). I buy them on

Amazon Customer Reviews​

October 17, 2010, by Deanne Taylor "DT" (United States): "I collect vintage Carlos Falchi bags from the 70's and 80s. These bags often require careful conditioning and cleaning because of the exotic skins used in their manufacture. I have found that Apple Leather Care softens and smooths the scales of older python and other exotic leathers, without resulting in scale-lift or other unpleasant effects that might result from standard leather conditioners. To apply, I give my vintage exotic leathers a small amount of Apple leather care with the fingers in the direction of the scales, not enough to soak the leather but just enough to 'dampen' it. I then allow it to dry, and then polish the leather in the scale direction with a very soft cloth. I re-apply Apple leather care once or twice a year for stored bags and more often for actively used bags. I have found that it restores softness and shine to intact vintage leathers of all kinds. I have found that in the long term (years) there are no noticeable effects (other than great condition!) from using Apple leather care on my exotic leathers."


April 14, 2011, by Jaime B. Cadegan "Prep School Mom" (Riverside, CA): "I use this product (Apple Leather Care Conditioner) in conjunction with Apple Leather Cleaner. Both products keep my leather looking like new! The shine this leaves is subtle and natural. I use it with Meltonian Polish Cream when necessary because of the consistency, easy application, good coverage, and WIDE range of colors. All my leather products remain in pristine condition with these products!"


September 19, 2010, by LondonLove: "I have been using the cleaner and conditioner for years on my handbags -Chanel (leather), Louis Vuitton (both canvas & leather) and it is amazing."


April 23, 2012, by bini: "I use it on my purses, jackets and shoes. I have expensive designer leather goods and have relied on this product over the last several years to keep my leather goods conditioned and looking good."


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