Cleaning ​

Cherish your exotic skin handbags, clean them regularly and store them properly with utmost care, and they will last for generations!


Don’t underestimate how important it is to clean the bag before conditioning. First, in gentle, circular motions, wipe it off with a soft dry cotton cloth to get rid of dust and oily fingerprints. Take your time and be as thorough as possible. Don’t forget the metal parts and fixtures; and the handle. Avoid using saddle soup for cleaning, because it is not good for scaly skins. 



If necessary, use a very soft brush to remove the dust accumulated in the seams and stitches.  Be extremely careful to do this procedure, as the old thread can be weakened by age and break easily. 



Check the interior and remove any content from the pockets. Carefully dust it and clean with appropriate cleaners depending on its material (suede, leather, vinyl or fabric). Be very careful applying a suede spray cleaner, to avoid it to spill on the skins. 



A great trick to loosen a stuck zipper is to slightly rub candle wax over it. 



As soon as you are finished cleaning the exterior skins, treat them with a conditioner designed specifically for reptile and exotic skins. Personally, I like the Apple Leather Care cleaner and conditioner, as well as the DYO reptile conditioner—both can be purchased online. They are free of wax and silicone, and protect skins from drying and cracking without impeding their ability to breathe. Use only a dot of it, by rubbing evenly with the softest cloth you can find. Leave conditioner on for one minute and slightly polish off. Avoid paper towels, because they can scratch the skin's surface.



If you need to slightly freshen up the color of your vintage skin handbag, use the Meltonian shoe polish, which comes in a great array of easy-to-match colors. This excellent, premium-quality product is designed for both smooth-surfaced and grained leathers. To achieve best-lasting result, please use it very sparingly. 

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