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Luxury Handbags

For over a decade, we have been offering to our discerning customers a unique line of luxury products: the exclusive exotic leather handbags crafted by top mid-century designer brands that are mostly no longer in operation. It provides fashion aficionados with a rare opportunity to acquire ultimate luxury in fashion couture - status pieces of wearable art to collect and wear.  Join us to admire their meticulous, old-world craftsmanship. Enjoy their classic elegance and exquisite, lady-like designs from bygone era. Marvel at the beauty of luxury leathers in a kaleidoscope of colors. Be assured of their 100% authenticity and well preserved, wearable condition - all for our affordable prices as opposed to the current designer brands' that could cost many thousands of dollars.  Enjoy the timeless elegance for so much less! 


Retro Style 

Have you ever wondered why some affluent women, who can afford pretty much anything, so often prefer vintage to new designer stuff? Well, it's because she appreciates their timeless elegance and handmade quality, and above all the opportunity to create a unique, personal look. Vintage is best for special occasions. To wear it effortlessly, use only one or two vintage elements at a time to avoid looking like a character from a period movie. Try not to match vintage with modern, but rather mix and blend. Check out our gallery to see a couple of examples how these beautiful retro finds can be mixed with a modern designer wardrobe. Have fun creating your unique, personal style! 

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