Collectible Handbags

Explore our rare archival collection of period handbag couture - the only one in the world - representing the best examples of mid-century designer brands of heirloom quality. Here you can find important status pieces not available anywhere else. Rare, one-off and limited editions, often handcrafted per order for important customers, they were especially crafted by premier labels during the 100-year period starting from the late 19th century up until the 1990s.  Among them, you can find true pieces of wearable art to add to your important collection of period fashion couture. Some handbags have fascinating stories about their previous, prominent owners, and others are accompanied by provenance documenting their historical importance. Every investment piece has been hand selected for its remarkable condition, and will arrive carefully wrapped in a dustbag and packed in a storage box. Enjoy and marvel!




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